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Jean Michel

Jean Michel CFA

Executive Director, President and Chief Investment Officer of Fiera Public Markets
Jean-Guy Desjardins

Jean-Guy Desjardins C.M., LSc Com, CFA

Chairman of the Board and Global Chief Executive Officer
Jeffrey D. Wyer

Jeffrey D. Wyer

Assistant Vice President, Institutional Markets
857 264-4906

Jessica Pilz

Jessica Pilz

Head of Sustainable Investing, Private Markets
Jim Bolante

Jim Bolante MBA, CFA, CAIA

Head of US Relationship Group
949 386-0110

Newport Beach
John Valentini

John Valentini CPA, CBV, ASA

Executive Director, President and Chief Executive Officer of Fiera Private Markets
Jonathan Moncrieff

Jonathan Moncrieff J.D.

Global Chief Compliance and Investment Risk Officer
Josefa Palma

Josefa Palma

Investment Counselor, Private Wealth
212 300-1618

New York
Joseph A. Abraham

Joseph A. Abraham CFA

Senior Investment Counselor, Private Wealth
212 300-1625

New York
Judy Wesalo Temel

Judy Wesalo Temel

Senior Vice President, Director of Credit Research
New York
Shaun Johnson

Shaun Johnson

Senior Principal, Financial Intermediaries