Private Wealth

Our approach is highly customized to each client’s investment objectives. Our Private Wealth group has broad cross-market expertise and long-term experience interacting with financial intermediaries, attorneys and accountants in addressing client-specific issues such as tax considerations, estate and planning issues, gifting, and retirement & pension factors.

We work directly with clients and their advisors to construct customized portfolios designed to achieve their investment goals. We manage our portfolios with a long-term outlook and we seek to preserve and enhance the capital base while achieving a tax efficient risk-adjusted total return.

Portfolio Construction and Investment Management

We provide a highly focused, highly disciplined approach to the construction and management of a portfolio. Our process is outlined below:

  • Identify client investment objectives and any specific circumstances
  • Discuss and identify opportunities, noting any limitation in the prevailing market environment that will aid or limit the achievement of investment objectives
  • Develop written guidelines with clients for each portfolio in conjunction with advisors or family members if appropriate
  • Review portfolio optimization model to assess risk and return of various asset allocations
  • Structure and manage each portfolio focusing on net after-tax return
  • Maintain regular written and personal communication with clients and advisors

We seek to establish a clear investment plan that addresses client objectives and reduces distraction from short-term market events. We believe that through this method we can maintain a long-term focus while preserving the stability of the capital base.

We are mindful of the tax ramifications of our investment decisions because many of our clients have high tax burdens.  Also important to us is our multi-generational approach to increasing a family’s wealth.

Core Principles

  • Individual and family-oriented approach
  • Specialized portfolios and strategies
  • Tax efficient investing
  • Diversification
  • Long-term strategic investment horizon
  • Identify short-term tactical opportunities
  • Portfolios developed in synergy with other investments

Communication Service Model

Our value to our clients stems not just from our investment expertise, but from our service model. Communication is not incidental to what we do. It is integral to our investment process and joint success.

We are accessible to clients. We speak and meet regularly with clients and their advisors to review portfolios, asset allocation, investment objectives and performance as well as provide other financial advice and assistance. Our advanced technology base and efficient administrative support give clients and their advisors access to reliable, timely information.

We coordinate with client advisors, attorneys, and accountants in providing efficient and timely reporting.


Investment Professionals

Carolyn N. DolanCarolyn N. Dolan

Executive Vice President, Head of US Private Wealth

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Joseph A. AbrahamJoseph A. Abraham

Senior Investment Counselor, Private Wealth

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Josefa PalmaJosefa Palma

Investment Counselor, Private Wealth

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Philip BickelPhilip Bickel

Investment Counselor, Private Wealth

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Thomas ConteThomas Conte

Investment Counselor, Private Wealth

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Nana EduseiNana Edusei

Senior Associate, Private Wealth

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Foster BroadFoster Broad

Associate, Private Wealth

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