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Alec Alterman

Alec Alterman

Associate Portfolio Manager
New York
Amit Dugar

Amit Dugar CFA

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager and Quantitative Strategist
Andrew Chan

Andrew Chan MSc

Vice-President and Director of Research, Global Equities
Anindya Chatterjee

Anindya Chatterjee MA

Senior Vice President and Lead Portfolio Manager
New York
Audrey Le

Audrey Le Ph.D.

Assistant Vice President and Senior Equity Analyst
New York
Bhavik Kothari

Bhavik Kothari CFA, CPA

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager
Brian P. Meaney

Brian P. Meaney CFA

Vice President, Taxable Fixed Income Strategist
New York
Bryan Laing

Bryan Laing CFA

Vice President, Credit Research and Portfolio Manager
New York
David Cook

David Cook CFA

Vice President and Portfolio Manager
Dexter J. Torres

Dexter J. Torres CFA

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Head of Trading
New York
Iraj Kani

Iraj Kani PhD

Senior Vice President, Quantitative Strategies
New York
Jocelyn Nga-Man Teh

Jocelyn Nga-Man Teh CFA

Senior Analyst
Hong Kong