Fiera Capital is built on a legacy of boutique investment management and entrepreneurship. Fiera Capital Inc. is the U.S. division of Fiera Capital Corporation. The U.S. division has unified a select group of investment teams with a focus on performance and a mission to provide the highest quality of customized service to clients.

The foundation for the U.S. division was created in 2015, with the combination of Samson Capital Advisors LLC, Wilkinson O’Grady & Co., Inc. and Fiera Capital Corporation’s U.S. institutional business development team. In June 2016, the suite of investment solutions was expanded with the addition of Apex Capital Management, Inc. The Larch Lane Advisors team joined Fiera Capital in September of 2016 to add extensive expertise in alternative investment management.

Together, these firms bring with them a rich history of service and performance tailored to institutional, high net worth, and sub-advisory investors.

Samson was an independent global fixed income investment management boutique founded in 2004 by senior investment professionals from OFFITBANK, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan. It was established with a mission to deliver customized portfolios and strategies with premium service to high net worth individuals and foundations.

Wilkinson, an active thematic equity and balanced account manager, was founded in 1972 to build bespoke separate portfolios and funds around classic investment principles. The relationships they have established with their clients are now carrying forward into the third generation.

Apex was an employee-owned boutique growth manager founded in 1987. As an U.S. and international growth equity specialist, they earned a diversified client base through application of a principled and disciplined investment process.

Fiera Capital Inc. is indirectly wholly-owned by Fiera Capital Corporation, which is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Fiera Capital Corporation was founded in 2003. With offices across North America, the firm has over 600 employees and benefits from the expertise and diversified experience of some 160 investment professionals, dedicated to servicing our highly diversified clientele comprised of pension funds, foundations, religious and charitable organizations, high net worth individuals, financial institutions, mutual funds and managed asset platforms.


Fiera Capital Corporation does not provide investment advisory services, or offer investment funds, in the United States or to U.S. persons.  Investment advisory services for U.S. persons are provided by Fiera Capital Inc., a Delaware corporation registered as an investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  In connection with providing services to certain U.S. clients, Fiera Capital Inc. uses the resources of Fiera Capital Corporation acting in its capacity as Fiera Capital Inc.’s participating affiliate.  Please refer to Important Disclosures for information regarding the participating affiliate arrangement.