Taxable Fixed Income

Investment Approach

Our high grade fixed income strategies are designed to address the needs of intermediate-sized institutions and tax-exempt entities. Our investment process seeks to deliver benchmark-like returns with less volatility than mutual fund alternatives. Our portfolios are notable for their transparency, liquidity, and sector specific strategy implementation.

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Core Principles

  • High Quality
  • Transparency
  • Relative Return Focus
  • Risk-Management
  • Preservation of Capital
  • No exposure to Asset-Backed Securities, Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities or Structured Products


Sample Strategies:

  • High Grade Short Term – utilizes the same investment themes and sector rotation methodology as the Core Intermediate strategy but focuses on shorter maturities, limiting the interest rate risk.
  • Intermediate Government – emphasizes government quality bonds, but in a diversified approach that looks beyond Treasuries to include to pre-refunded municipals, Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities and U.S. dollar denominated sovereign-supported issuers.
  • High Grade Core Intermediate – relative return focused versus the Barclays Capital Intermediate Aggregate Index, which offers diversification benefits comparable to the Aggregate Index, but with what we believe to be favorable risk/return metrics.
  • Corporate Index Replication – seeks to provide the return and risk profile of a selected benchmark with fewer securities through a separately managed account. This is designed for clients interested in a specific asset class, but wishing to avoid the premium/discount issues of exchanged traded funds.
  • Asset/Liability Management

We develop custom solutions for investment mandates across the maturity spectrum.

Senior Investment Team

Brian P. MeaneyBrian P. Meaney

Vice President, Fixed Income Investments

Brian is a member of the Fixed Income Investment Committee and Equity Index Strategy Committee. He is a Portfolio Manager and oversees corporate trading.

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