Fiera Comox – Agriculture

The Fiera Comox Agricultural Strategy seeks to create partnerships with established farmers who contribute assets and/or cash into the partnership to fully align investors and operators. This strategy ties on-the-ground expertise closely to the investment, and the structure helps to ensure that the operator maintains a deep commitment to active, attentive land management practices throughout the investment life cycle.

The Fiera Comox investment team targets investments in perma-crops, staple row crops, animal protein (dairy and beef), and timberland. The team is dedicated to building a diversified, global portfolio of assets, primarily farmland, seeking to generate stable, attractive returns over the long term.

Fiera Comox was established in 2016 by Fiera Capital and Comox Equity, a corporation formed and owned by executives and investments professionals who had been working together for several years at one of Canada’s largest institutional pension plans. The team is comprised of seasoned investment professionals with expertise in agriculture and private equity who have invested multiple billions of dollars in transactions globally.