Global Diversified Lending

Investment Approach

The strategy’s investment objective is to provide stable returns mainly through income generation via a diversified portfolio of specialized private lenders. It seeks to capture the dislocation in traditional banking dynamics via investments across global geographies and multiple sectors of activity, including residential and commercial real estate lending, lower and middle market corporate lending, and other asset based lending. The team applies a rigorous, multi-phased manager due diligence process. Portfolio construction is focused on risk management and strategic liquidity management in an asset class which is typically illiquid. A long-term perspective is employed as the team seeks to identify attractive sectors.

Management Style

Core Principles

  • Compelling risk/return proposition sought through lower duration, higher yielding investments
  • Stable source of income generation targeting a consistent track record
  • Alternative to traditional fixed income portfolios offering potentially solid risk-adjusted returns
  • Low correlations to traditional equity and bond indices
  • Short maturity loans seek to ensure significant liquidity

Senior Investment Team

Marc-André DesjardinsMarc-André Desjardins

Chief Investment Officer and Head of Private Markets Solutions, Fiera Private Markets

Marc-André Desjardins, EMBA is Chief Investment Officer and Head of Private Markets Solutions, Fiera Private Markets. He is responsible for working closely with the Private Markets platform leaders and teams to monitor the division’s investment performance, as well as support innovation and strategic planning.

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Candice BangsundCandice Bangsund

Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Global Asset Allocation and Private Markets Solutions

Candice has over 15 years of industry experience with focus on central banks and fundamental macro analysis. She also serves as the global spokesperson for Fiera Capital relating to all economic and investment matters and is Lead Portfolio Manager on the Fiera Diversified Lending, Diversified Real Estate, and Diversified Real Asset Strategies. She received her Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation in 2009 and holds a degree in Finance from the University of Regina.

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Majlinda KamberiMajlinda Kamberi

Senior Investment Officer, Fiera Private Markets

Majlinda Kamberi, CAIA, is a Senior Investment Officer for the Private Markets Solutions team at Fiera Capital. She is responsible for portfolio construction as well as investment due diligence across Fiera Capital’s private market strategies that include private credit, real estate, agriculture, timberland, infrastructure, and private equity.

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