Corporate Responsibility

Fiera Capital strives to achieve excellence through strong management practices, sound business principles and adherence to the highest level of ethical conduct, with respect for each individual.

Aligned with our Values

The firm’s approach to corporate social responsibility is closely aligned with its key values of integrity, collaboration and innovation, and with its mission to create sustainable wealth for clients.

Corporate Governance

Strong corporate governance is a key element of corporate responsibility across Fiera Capital. Responsibility for the development, implementation and oversight of the appropriate policies and practices ultimately rests with the Board of Directors and the global leadership team.

Throughout Fiera Capital, stringent processes, tools and mechanisms are available to clients to address concerns or submit complaints. Furthermore, all Fiera Capital employees are required to abide by a Code of Ethics that focuses on the high level of professional ethics required of them.

The Firm’s Code of Ethics is available upon request by contacting the Compliance Department at (212) 300-1600.

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management is primarily the responsibility of the firm’s Investment Risk Committee, along with legal and compliance teams.  The Investment Risk Committee maintains a mission statement and is composed of various members of senior management.

Additionally, our Information Security Policy addresses key elements of cybersecurity, an issue which is material to Fiera Capital given the volume and sensitive nature of client data in the firm’s possession.

Human Capital

Human capital is the firm’s greatest asset as Fiera Capital’s success is rooted in its strong teams unified by a common purpose and shared passion. We place great importance on recruiting and retaining the best talent and investing in the training and tools that enable employees to grow.

Fiera Capital is committed to providing a stimulating and equitable work environment that enables employees to achieve their true potential, and where their accomplishments are recognized and appropriately rewarded.

Given the nature of the asset-management business, the retention of top-flight talent is a critical success factor.  The firm has therefore concluded long-term compensation agreements with a number of key investment professionals in order to mitigate such risks and ensure alignment of interests.

Global Respect & Inclusion Policy

Building Ties with Communities

Fiera Capital’s commitment to communities manifests itself in many forms, ranging from financial contributions to non-profit and community groups, internships for young people who wish to pursue careers in financial services, and various conferences within the community.

Fiera Capital is also involved in sponsoring and organizing several events in the investment community aimed at encouraging the advancement of women.